Roof Hook Ladder Extension

A roof hook is an extension to your ladder that gives you safe access to a roof. This is an essential piece of kit if the pitch of your roof is particularly steep. The steeper the pitch, the more difficult it is to work on it safely. In these circumstances, investing in quality ladder hooks for roofing will ensure that you can carry out any repairs and maintenance on a roof safely and securely.

Our quality Bison ladder roof hook is manufactured using lightweight aluminium with rubber grips to ensure the roof hook is kept securely in place. It is an incredibly simple yet versatile piece of equipment that is compatible with any ladder, making it ideal for both commercial roofing purposes as well as enthusiastic DIYers. 

Roof Hook Use

The roof hook is fitted with two wheels which allows you to position the equipment in the correct place to allow you to carry out the works required. Once in the right position, the extension hooks over the ridge of the roof to keep it firmly in place.

The roof hooks are finished with rubber grips to ensure that they remain secure when fitted over the roof ridge. The rubber grips also ensure that the roof ridge and tiles are not damaged by the presence of the hooks.

If required, the ladder roof hooks can be attached to the main ladder with fixings that are supplied by Bison with the ladder roof hooks. However, the roof hooks do not have to be attached for greater flexibility when working on jobs. For larger jobs, several ladder roof hooks can be fitted across the expanse of a roof to create a safe and accessible grid for roof repair projects.

Cost and Manufacturing

The ladder roof hooks are extremely good value for money, costing just £32.53 (excluding VAT). They are also easy to assemble and incredibly lightweight, so they are easily transportable. Larger commercial roofing contractors will find this piece of equipment invaluable in helping their roofers sometimes access hard-to-reach sectors of a roof in ways that meet health and safety restrictions.

Manufactured using aluminium, they are resistant to corrosion and rusting, making them suitable for use, whatever the weather. Once a job is finished, they can be simply removed from the ridge and packed flat away for storage.

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