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Telescopic driveway security bollards are a very effective measure to deter and prevent vehicle thefts here in the UK. Designed to offer huge strength and security whilst being super easy to use and maintain, the Ramco driveway security bollard range is considered one of the best for driveway security posts. Made in the UK for the past 20 years, we have developed and improved the Ramco security bollard to help protect your property in the most cost-effective way without losing the strength that is synonymous with Ramco.

Our driveway and car park space security posts range from ground-mounted, fold-down, and padlock-protected posts to fully telescopic, heavy-duty barriers with integrated anti-pick, anti-drill locks.

We highly recommend that you have your Ramco car parking security posts professionally installed by an experienced installation engineer.

Security Posts for Smaller Vehicles

All vehicles are worthy of protection, and none are immune to the gaze of modern-day thieves. Even the smallest vehicles on the road can be protected with the Ramco range of drive security posts. These bollards are ideally suited for vehicles up to the size of a Volkswagen Golf. With a lift weight of 6kg, they give your driveway the strength it needs without being too much to lift.

Security Posts for Larger Vehicles

When we say large vehicles, we mean anything bigger than a Volkswagen Golf up to a 3.5t van, motorhome, or campervan. For these vehicles, you need a tough, heavy-duty, and reliable drive security bollard that not only looks the part but performs well, too. These heavy-duty posts are available with padlock protection or with an integrated anti-drill lock and cause a lot of damage to most vehicles that collide with them. With a lift weight of approximately 10kg, these feel as tough as they look.

Static Barriers

Our static barriers are usually concreted or bolted down and give a permanent, fixed post to keep vehicles away from whatever you want to protect. These products are a cost-effective way of securing a space, assets, or pedestrians. These can often be found in car parks, shopping centres, in front of shops, and where the cost of installing a telescopic bollard isn’t necessary. Bison security posts come as vertical steel tubes, hooped steel tubes, or square hoop barriers, and they can all be powder-coated, galvanised, or zinc plated. Other finishes are available on request.

Trailers and Caravans

Trailers and caravan security are high on every owner’s list. If it’s not attached to your vehicle, it can be considered vulnerable. Our hitch locks and ground security posts give you peace of mind that when your trailer is left alone, you have made it as difficult as possible for anyone to take it. Concreted into the ground and secured with padlocks, that can be upgraded to insurance-approved locks if required, these bollards help keep your property where you left them.

Secure Your Driveway with Security Bollards for Driveways

Not only are we the manufacturers of the Ramco driveway security bollards, but we also offer a professional installation service. You can learn more about this by giving us a call at 01283 215097, and a helpful member of our team will be on hand to assist you with your requirements.

For security posts for driveways near me, Bison Products is here to help.

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