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XPASS 800 K4 Anti-Terrorism Automatic Bollard With LED Lights

Original price £8,999.99 - Original price £8,999.99
Original price
£8,999.99 - £8,999.99
Current price £8,999.99

Introducing the latest innovation in protective barriers, the XPASS 800 stands as a pinnacle solution for safeguarding high-security locations, particularly suited for safeguarding government facilities, public areas, city centres, restricted heavy traffic locations.

Crafted from robust galvanized steel, the XPASS 800 is rigorously crash-tested and proven capable of withstanding potential vehicular assaults by 7,500kg vehicles travelling at 30mph.

Beyond its formidable anti-ram capabilities, the XPASS 800 offers seamless automation. Operated through a compact key fob, this bollard swiftly retracts and rises from the ground at the push of a button. When activated, it stands at 800mm in height and measures 273mm in diameter, featuring an integrated LED lighting system.

The XPASS 800, with its robust build and user-friendly interface, redefines contemporary security measures, setting an unmatched standard in protection.

Included with the bollard is 1 x Mitto Fob Control at no additional cost. Additional Fobs can be conveniently obtained through our website.

Additional Information

Shaft diameter  273 mm
 Shaft height  800 mm
 Shaft thickness  10 mm
 Raising time  7 secs
 Control unit  Perseo CBE
 Breaking resistance  800,000 Joule
 Movement  Hydraulic
 Frequency of use  2,000 op/day
 Limit switch  Reed magnetic sensor
 Manual operation  Reversible with no power
 Protection rating  IP67
 Temperature range  -40°C to 60°C
 Certification IWA 14-1:2013 movable bollard V/7200[N2A]/48/90:5.5
PAS68: 2013 movable bollard V/7500 [N2]/48/90:5.2/–

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