Automatic Bollards

Electric Bollards

Conserve the safety and security of residential and commercial driveways, roads, and public spaces without losing the ease of access with Bison’s range of electric security bollards.

In areas of high traffic, where different vehicles are coming and going throughout the day, maintaining high security while ensuring smooth, everyday traffic management and preventing congestion can be challenging to solve.

The installation of premium electric security bollards will give facilities management teams a versatile and reliable tool to optimise parking and access management and prevent any unauthorised access.

Residential Automatic Bollards

If you want to protect your private driveway space or private residents only parking areas from illegal parking in busy urban environments, the BFT Stoppy B 500 or the BFT Stoppy B 700 automatic bollards provide a sleek and attractive solution. Not only will they stop unwanted access, but they will also protect your vehicles from potential theft. Too often, private cars are the target of gangs who can swiftly remove vehicles from driveways. The installation of electric bollards will give an additional layer of security to detract these thieves from attempting to steal your vehicle.

The installation on your driveway of one or more bollards, controlled remotely by electric fobs, will ensure that only those with permission will be able to drive onto, or indeed off your property.

Electric Security Bollards for High-Risk Public Spaces

The protection of the public against the potential weaponisation of vehicles is of paramount importance in today’s unpredictable climate. Local authorities and security companies tasked with the management of urban spaces, such as government buildings, pedestrian areas, and other restricted areas, require failsafe electric security bollards that are strong enough to withstand a potential attack, but flexible enough to allow the regular comings and goings of those who run businesses and deliver to those areas.

Bison’s XPASS 800 automatic bollards are manufactured using robust galvanised steel. They have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand potential vehicular assaults by 7500kg vehicles approaching at 30mph.

Choose the Best Electric Bollards in the UK

Whether specifying electric bollards for the home, or for public spaces, it is imperative that the bollards are installed by a professional to ensure they give maximum protection.

All electric bollards are operated using a remote key fob and can be raised or lowered in just a few seconds.

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