Ladder Stand Offs

Bison’s aluminium ladder stand-off bracket is suitable for most ladders, including telescopic ones. Our range of ladder stand-offs for gutters is characterised by heavy-duty spring hooks or U-bolt clamps, which make for a more permanent fixing. As a result, a roof ladder stand-off is a perfect addition to your tool set if you want better and safer access to overhangs and gutters or simply need to be stood off the wall, over an obstacle or even on a corner. Quite simply, Bison’s corner ladder stand-offs are lightweight and easy to attach while delivering functionality and efficiency for everyday use. 

Enhanced Stability

As previously mentioned, our ladder stand-offs for roofs are characterised by their robust construction and their wide base. This results in superior stability, preventing the likes of tipping and wobbling, even on uneven surfaces. With the help of our ladder stand-offs, you can confidently tackle tasks at a height without safety being compromised.

Secure Attachment

Since our ladder stand-offs boast durable clamps and straps, they can be attached to most ladder types. From this, a firm and stable connection is created, which allows you to wave goodbye to precarious perching and balancing acts. Quite simply, ladder stand-offs are designed to keep your ladder firmly anchored in place.

Versatile Compatibility

Combination ladders, step ladders, and extension ladders can all be used in conjunction with our ladder stand-offs, as they’re designed to fit most standard ladder styles and sizes. Since they come with adjustable features, they can be customised to suit your individual ladder, making them versatile and easy to use.

Optimised Reach

With our ladder stand-offs, additional space is created between the ladder and the wall, making it much easier to work around obstacles, including eaves, gutters, and windows. Not only does this reduce the likelihood of the property incurring risk, but the flexibility also allows for improved safety.

Durable Construction

Aluminium and steel are just some of the durable materials that we use to craft our ladder stand-offs. As a result, our ladder stand-offs can withstand the rigours of everyday use and harsh outdoor conditions. This is down to their weather and corrosion resistance, which works to provide long-lasting durability and reliability.

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