Commercial Bike Racks

The humble bicycle has become a conscious choice for many people in the UK as car costs spiral out of control and awareness of climate issues changes peoples’ behaviours. Whether an individual chooses cycling as the primary form of transport or enjoys cycling as a weekend sport with one of the UK’s many cycling clubs across the UK, the safe and secure storage of bikes is growing in importance.

Commercial Bike Storage in the Workplace

It makes sense that bikes require significantly less space for parking than cars. At the same time, many organisations are signing up for the government approved Bike2Work Scheme, a free employee benefit that aims to get more and more people cycling to work to improve both their health and the environment.

As a result, the demand for floor-mounted bike racks for employees to safely and securely park their bikes while they are in the office is growing. Organisations are finding themselves increasingly obliged to provide safe bike parking options close to their offices and factories.

Bison Products is proud to advise you on the best commercial bike rack solution according to your volume and environmental requirements.

Commercial Bike Storage for Events

Road cycling has exploded in popularity over the last 20 years, and there are now 2200 registered cycling clubs and 125,000 registered members organising 4000 cycling events every year, attracting 300,000 participants.

The controlled organisation of these bikes is vital for the health and safety of such events, and the organisers are obliged to ensure that their bike storage solutions offer both safety and security, as well as versatility in being transported to different locations.

Commercial Bike Storage in Public Places

The demand for increased bike storage in public places is dramatically changing the urban landscape in towns and cities throughout the UK. Councils are investing in permanent commercial bike rack installations in spaces around shops and shopping centres, sports centres, parks, recreational spaces, trains, and bus stations.

Bison Products offers a full consultancy advising on what would be the best commercial bike storage rack would suit specific needs, taking into account whether it should be free-standing and easily transportable) or concreted in for additional security.

All Bison Product commercial bike racks are zinc coated and galvanised for protection against the elements for outside storage. As a result, not only are bikes protected, but the storage solutions themselves are, too.

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