Floor Mounted Bike Storage

Bikes are expensive pieces of kit and, chances are, they have required a great deal of investment – particularly by those who use them regularly and have a passion for cycling, whether as a sport or simply a way of life.

The correct parking and storage of a bike requires some thought and is dependent on circumstances. The more bikes you have, the more organised you need to be. Disorganised, tangled bikes get damaged and require additional expensive maintenance.  

Bison have several floor-mounted bike rack solutions ideal for a number of different applications, holding from one single bike to up to five across one product.

The Round Top Bike Rack

The Round Top single bike floor-mounted bike rack is zinc coated, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Priced at just £10.99, it is an incredibly good value solution to keeping your bike safe and secure. Supplied with four screws, it can be floor- or wall-mounted wherever is convenient to you.

If you have more than one bike to store, you can increase the storage on these floor-mounted racks to hold three, four, or five bikes. Again, these can be floor- or wall-mounted for convenience. These products are ideal for larger families or in houses of multiple occupancies where several tenants may require bike storage facilities.

They are also available as dual-height bike racks, which are designed to reduce handlebars clashing. The flat top bike rack also helps to prevent damage to disc brakes.

Toast Rack Bike Stands

If you are responsible for the public spaces in offices and commercial buildings, retail outlets, apartment buildings and educational establishments and are looking for a solution for the increasing number of cyclists requiring bike parking, Bison Products can specify a configuration of toast rack bike stands. These simple but elegant racks come in a number of different sizes and are manufactured in hot-dipped galvanised steel for durability and longevity.

They are available in sizes up to five hoops – each hoop can accommodate two bikes. The toast rack bike stands are fixed to the ground but can be unfixed and moved to other locations if required.

For the large-scale storage of bikes during cycling events and triathlons, we have an extensive range of moveable event bike stands.

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