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The Bison Products Tri-Rack is a specially designed event bike holder stand that offers saddle or handlebar storage to allow easy and effortless access to your road bike during events like triathlons, where a speedy transition is absolutely paramount. The stand’s simple but heavy-duty design allows for a series of event bike racks to be used with minimal space lost to other bulky stands. Our bike event stand is available in 1-metre, 2-metre, and 3-metre racks, meaning you can choose which size is best for you.


Music festivals, outdoor markets, sports events, and corporate gatherings are just some of the environments that could benefit from a triathlon bike stand. Therefore, it’s clear to see that it’s a solution that’s adaptable to many settings. Our event bike stand provides a convenient solution for attendees who choose to cycle to an event, promoting eco-friendly transportation options.

Space Optimisation

Our event bike stand works to maximise space efficiency without compromising stability, thanks to its intelligent design. It’s compact yet sturdy, meaning it can accommodate a number of bicycles securely, helping you make the most of your event area.


Setting up and dismantling is made easy with our event bike stand. Thanks to the intuitive design, cyclists are able to park and retrieve their bikes with ease, meaning they can enjoy the event with minimal concern.

Durable Construction

Our event bike stand is made from weather-resistant material, meaning that it’s able to withstand the impact of outdoor use. Whether the rain is pouring, or the sun is shining, long-lasting performance is guaranteed with our event bike stand.

Customisation Options

Here at Bison Products, we’re dedicated to providing solutions that don’t force you to compromise on your wishes. As a result, we can provide our event bike stand in your brand colours to align with the theme of your event. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements, and we’ll make sure to produce a solution that doesn’t disappoint.

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If you’re hosting an upcoming event and you’re in need of event bike stands, look no further than Bison Products. Our event bike stand boasts versatility, making it ideal for all manner of events and capable of holding any number of bikes. So, contribute towards an eco-friendly future with the event bike stand from Bison Products.

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