Ladder Storage For The Home and Van

Secure Ladder Storage Solutions

Bison Products solves constant ladder storage and security issues with its range of quality, value-for-money, lockable storage solutions for ladders.

Ladder theft is a big problem in the UK. There are no official statistics on how many ladders are stolen, as they rarely get reported. However, thousands complain on internet forums across the country, highlighting the dire need for 24-hour ladder storage to protect against theft, as well as ensure that this vital piece of equipment is stored in a way that minimises damage in a space-saving manner.

Bison Products offer two key ladder storage solutions.

Lockable Ladder Storage Brackets

The Bison ladder storage brackets are a universal system accommodating most standard ladder sizes. The steel brackets can be mounted to either the wall or the ceiling and are delivered in packets of two brackets, with fixing screws, raw plugs and two additional locking arms. The locking arms provide an extra layer of security when used with a padlock.

The Bison ladder storage brackets are available in black or red, each measuring approximately 215mm x 160mm. It costs £16.66 excluding VAT and is usually shipped the same day.

Roof Bar Ladder Clamp Set with Padlock

For the storage of ladders when you are out and about in your van, the Bison Roof Rack Ladder Clamps can secure and lock a three-section telescopic ladder cluster to your roof bar, ensuring that it is safe from theft if left unattended while working on a job.

Often ladder theft is worst when you are out and about. There are stories of ladders being swiped when left unattended, even for the briefest of times, so secure ladder storage hooks fitted to your van are essential to minimise the risk of theft and disruption to your working day.

These ladder safety devices include two clamp bars, two clamp screws, two round or square hooks, and two 38mm padlocks. The clamp set is easy to assemble and ensures that the ladders are stored snugly and securely, eliminating any looseness during transportation.

Two padlocks are supplied with the set for double security on the top and bottom.

The Bison Roof Bar Ladder Clamp Set with Padlock is available with a round or square hook for £19.20 excluding VAT and is usually shipped the same day.

Looking for Other Ladder Accessories?

Bison Products stocks all manner of ladder accessories, including ladder roof clamps. Whatever your ladder requirements may be, we’re here to help.

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