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As far as Ramco UK products are concerned, Ramco 600 posts are the most customisable. Not only can these Ramco systems be built into various shapes and sizes, but they can be made into a colour of your choice. While a colour may seem wholly aesthetic, it can be more important than you may initially realise in the world of electric bollard installation. The colour of a bollard not only affects the appearance, but it can signal any number of things. To that end, detailed below are just some of the colour considerations to bear in mind when looking into in-ground bollard installation.

Ramco 600 Posts

Common Bollard Colours and Their Implications

From standard black to fabulous pink, the colour possibilities are endless when investing in a Ramco 600 post. That said, we have compiled a list of the most common colours and what these indicate to anyone who encounters your bollard(s):

Yellow: As far as safety applications are concerned, yellow is one of the most common bollard colour choices. This is predominantly down to their brightness, which makes them ideal for marking areas in which caution is required. Loading zones, pedestrian crossings, and traffic islands are just some of the areas that might be marked with yellow bollards. They’re easily recognised and act as a visual cue to pedestrians and drivers to proceed with care.

Red: Red is linked to danger on a global scale, meaning areas in which parking is prohibited, and emergency access points are often marked by red bollards. Selecting this colour will help ensure that access to vital resources and emergency services remains unimpeded.

Black: Black is perhaps the most popular colour for bollards due to its elegant appearance. As a result, the spaces that adopt black bollards are incredibly varied.

White: In instances where visibility and cleanliness are paramount, white is often the chosen bollard colour. Food processing plants, laboratories, and hospitals are just some of the areas of strict cleanliness that might make use of white bollards.

Green: When it comes to securing natural environments, such as gardens and parks, green bollards might be adopted. This is because they seamlessly blend in with the surroundings, meaning the aesthetics of the area are preserved.

The Role of Different Bollard Colours

As previously mentioned, if you’re looking to install a bollard on your drive or any other outdoor environment in which it may be needed, you should be careful about your colour selection. This is because different colours serve different purposes, as detailed below:

Visibility and safety: In potentially dangerous environments, yellow and red are popular bollard colours. This is down to their bold appearance but also because of colour psychology and what we typically associate these colours with.

Aesthetic harmony: While bollards have a purpose to serve, this doesn’t mean that they can’t look good doing it. In locations where the visibility of the bollard isn’t essential, you might opt for a colour that blends in with the surroundings a little more—for instance, the use of green or brown bollards in parks.

Corporate branding: For companies, maintaining brand consistency across the board is essential. Therefore, a number of businesses opt for a bollard in their brand colours so that they can establish their visual identity and make a statement about their presence.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bollard Colour

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a bollard colour, including the following:

What is the functional purpose of the bollard? You must first consider whether the bollard’s function is aesthetics, traffic control, safety, or something completely different.

How important is the visibility of the bollard? You need to determine whether your bollard needs to clearly mark a hazard or effortlessly blend into its surroundings.

Does the bollard comply with local regulations? You need to ensure that your chosen colour doesn’t go against any local regulations about bollard colours.

How important are the aesthetics of the bollard? You need to assess whether your bollard has to look pretty in its environment.

What will the maintenance requirements of a certain colour be? You have to bear in mind that lighter colours will show dirt and wear sooner than darker ones will.

How much does it cost to install a bollard? You need to consider whether some colours will come at a higher premium than others and whether this is worth it.

Does the bollard need to represent a brand? You must determine whether the bollard needs to identify with company branding.

Choose the Right Bollard Colour with Bison Products

Here at Bison Products, we have years of experience in manufacturing and installing bollards, meaning we’re well-equipped to help you make the decision about your bollard colour. Discover more about our range of Ramco Driveway Security Bollards, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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