Ramco 600


Ramco UK products aren’t just your standard bollards; their customisability is what sets them apart from other products on the market. Therefore, whether you’re after a standard neutral colour or something a little more striking, these Ramco systems have got you covered. If you want to keep within your brand guidelines or you need to increase the visibility of your bollards, sometimes a neutral colour simply won’t do. Therefore, Ramco security posts have come to the rescue with the 600 range, allowing companies to select bespoke colours for their bollards. Here at Bison Products, we both supply and install Ramco equipment; read on to learn more.


Firstly, this range of Ramco telescopic security posts is available in both square and round designs. Square Ramco 600s give off an industrial look due to the harsh edges that create a rigid appearance. Despite this, the industrial appearance can be softened if you opt for a lighter or brighter colour. Ultimately, Ramco 600 allows for complete customisability, all the way from the shape to the shade. Therefore, if a rigid appearance is what you’re after, look no further than the square Ramco 600s. Featured below are just some of the standardised product offerings; however, bespoke options are available.


Perhaps you’re after something that looks a lot smoother; if that’s the case, the round Ramco 600s might well be for you. Naturally, round Ramco 600s won’t have harsh edges, meaning that they look a lot softer. This isn’t to say that round Ramcos can’t look professional; instead, they provide elegant professionalism rather than industrial professionalism. Whether you opt for a neutral-coloured round Ramco bollard or a brighter colour, you’re promised a bollard or set of bollards that serve their purpose and look good doing it. Listed below are a handful of the standardised product offerings; however, bespoke options can also be provided.


It goes without saying that the posh Ramco 600s are a little more luxurious than the other Ramco 600 options. Featured below are some of the gold defenders, which are simultaneously eye-catching and elegant. This is just one example of how bollards don’t have to be restricted to neutral colours; however, the possibilities don’t just end at gold. From bold blue to pretty pink, the colour choices are endless; to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Bison Products!