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Concrete In Heavy Duty Steel Bollard 1200mm Overall

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Concrete In Heavy Duty Steel Bollard

The epitome of strength, durability, and security.

Crafted from robust 3.5mm steel, this static bollard is designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring the safety and protection of your valuable assets.

Key Features:

Sturdy Construction: Our Heavy Duty Static Bollard is engineered to provide the ultimate protection. The 3.5mm steel body guarantees exceptional strength, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and security-sensitive environments.

Secure Installation: Rest easy knowing your property is safeguarded with the pin securely anchored at the bottom. This feature ensures that the bollard remains firmly in place, deterring unauthorised access and providing peace of mind.

Durable Top Design: At the top of the bollard, you'll find a substantial 50mm steel ball, adding an extra layer of protection and a touch of sophistication. This feature not only enhances security but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of the bollard.

Optimal Height: Standing at an impressive 1200mm overall height, this bollard is designed for maximum visibility and effectiveness. With a suggested 300mm installation into the ground, you'll have a substantial 900mm of bollard above ground level, ensuring it's easily spotted and acts as a formidable deterrent.

Finishing Options: To cater to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences, our Concrete In Heavy Duty Steel Bollard is available in multiple finishing options. Choose from powder-coated, zinc plated, or galvanized finishes to match your surroundings and achieve the desired look while benefiting from exceptional corrosion resistance.

Whether you need to safeguard storefronts, control vehicle access, or protect pedestrian areas, our Concrete In Heavy Duty Steel Bollard is the perfect solution. Invest in security, durability, and peace of mind with this top-tier bollard designed to withstand the toughest challenges.

Choose strength, choose security – choose our Concrete In Heavy Duty Steel Bollard today!

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