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Sheffield Toast Rack 5 Hoop for 10 Bikes - Durable, Galavanised, Floor Mounted Commercial Bike Rack

Original price £69.99 - Original price £399.99
Original price
£69.99 - £399.99
Current price £359.99

The Sheffield Toast Rack 5 Hoop Bike Stand for 10 Bikes.

A versatile and durable solution for your bike storage needs.

tl;dr: 10 bike, floor mounted, galvanised bike stand perfect for commercial use.

This floor-mounted rack is designed to accommodate up to 10 bikes, making it ideal for commercial locations including shops, schools, factories and offices.

Easy Assembly and Installation:

The Sheffield Toast Rack is hassle-free to assemble and install, ensuring a seamless setup process for your convenience.

Ample Storage Capacity:

Equipped with 5 sturdy hoops and 4 mounting rails to hold the hoops, this bike rack provides ample space to securely store up to 10 bikes, optimising your storage efficiency.

Built to Last:

Hot-dipped galvanised 48mm Tubular steel, our Sheffield Toast Racks are engineered for durability and longevity. The galvanised steel construction ensures it can withstand the test of time and endure most weather conditions, making it a lasting investment for a lifetime of use.

Flexible and Functional Design:

The dimensions of this rack, with a length of 4250mm, width of 680mm, and height of 825mm, offer a generous capacity without compromising on space efficiency. Its free-standing design allows for easy relocation to a new site if needed in the future, providing flexibility and adaptability to your changing needs.

Transform your bike storage experience with the Sheffield Toast Rack Bike Storage Stand. Organise your bikes effortlessly while ensuring they're secure and easily accessible whenever you need them. Upgrade your storage solution today and enjoy a clutter-free, organised space that prioritises functionality and durability.


Length: 4250mm

Width: 680mm 

Height: 825mm

Diameter: 48mm

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