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Call us on 01283 215097 or email:
Call us on 01283 215097 or email:

Ramco 100 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Security Bollard with Installation

Original price £549.99 - Original price £549.99
Original price
£549.99 - £549.99
Current price £549.99

The very best of vehicle protection. Heavy duty strength with the quality of Stainless Steel is the prefect combination for any location. 

The Ramco 100 Stainless Steel comes with a protetive lid and upgraded high security lock as standard. All of the internal moving parts are Stainless Steel giving endless endurance against the elements and making sure your vehicle is protected when you need it. 

Carefully and professionally installed by our experienced installation engineers the Ramco 100 Stainless Steel can be securing your vehicle within a few days of placing your order. 

How Does This Work? 

1. Decide how many bollards you need. We recommend no more than a 1.5m gap between either bollards or bollards and gate post, wall, fence or hedge etc. 

2. Place your order here. 

3. One of our installation team will give you a call and go through some very simple questions about where you want the bollard(s) to go and what dates work for you. 

4. We ask for some images and we use WhatsApp or email. 

5. One of our experienced engineers will be at the location on that date and install your new Ramco security bollard, give you a masterclass on how to work it and hand you the keys. 

6. Keep hold of your invoice as this is your extended 2 year warranty and if anything happens you call us on 01283 215097. 

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