Supply Only Bollards

DIY Security Bollard Installation. 

We supply the bollards you supply the braun. 

Following a few simple guidlines you can install Ramco Security Bollards yourself. 

Tools Needed: 

  • Tape Measure
  • Spirit Level
  • Breaker
  • Stone cutter - for block paving
  • Post Spoons
  • Grafter Shovel
  • Buckets
  • Trowel

Material Needed:

  • Postcrete
  • Gravel for drainage
  • Tarmac or sand for finishing
  • Water

Installation Method

  1. Check that your bollard works, lowers and raises correctly and locks and unlocks. Also make sure you have all 3 keys. These are usually wrapped around the bollard under the top plate. 
  2. Decide where you want the security bollards. If you are installing in an entrance ensure that the gap between bollards or any opther obsturction (wall or gate post etc. ) is no more than 1.5m. 
  3. Check or scan for services. You may need to run your water to get an accurate read with some scanners. 
  4. Cut a 200mm x 200mm square  in your top surface or if the ground is block paved then remove enough blocks to access the excavation area(s). 
  5. Break up any hard surface with a breaker or bar. 
  6. Using your post spoons start to dig to a depth of approximately 900mm. 
  7. Once at depth add your pea gravel (or any type of gravel will do). To get your bollard up to the level you require you may need to retro fit your Ramco Bollard a couple of times. 
  8. PRO TIP - Make sure your lock is facing into your property and not outwards. 
  9. Now you are at the level you require. Ensure you are inline, square and level side to side and front to back. 
  10. Add more of your chosen gravel around the bottom of your bollard and pack down with a long piece of wood is best. 
  11. Using the substrate you have removed start putting this back in around the bollard and continue to pack it down nice and tight till you get to approximatly 300mm from the top. 
  12. Making sure your bollard is level and tightly packed, test that your bollard travels up and down correctly and nothing is impeading its full range of movement. 
  13. Time to concrete. Mix your concrete as instructed and pour around the bollard ensuring concrete is under the top plate leaving no gaps. You can square this off if you have blocks or tarmac or continue to the top if you have a concrete driveway. 
  14. Using your trowel finish the concrete or add your blocks or you may have to wait for the concrete to go off before adding your tarmac top layer. 
  15. Once your surface is how you want it and the concrete is set left your bollard and check its range of movement and lock. We recommend that you leave the bollard down for at least 24 hours to let the concrete cure. 

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