Static and Removable Perimeter Barriers

Our static and removable permitter barriers range from 1 metre to 2 metres in width to cover large spaces like a carpark or wide entrance, reducing the need for many bollards. 

Static Barriers

Concreted in for a permanent barrier around the edge of a large space that needs to restrict vehicle access. 

Ranging from 1 metre to 2 metres these can be a cost-effective option for the boundary of a carpark or open space or a method of channelling vehicles of pedestrians on a specific route. 

Removable Barriers

Very much the same as the static perimeter barrier but removable and lockable. These can offer a real solution to perimeters that require some access at times or very large entrances that need to keep the flexibility of their space but don't want the expense of lots of Ramco 100 telescopic bollards

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