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Security Bollards For Large Vehicles

Bison Products is proud to be associated with the Ramco Anti-Ram lockable driveway security bollards and recommends that for households with larger vehicles, saloons, vans, and SUVs, the Ramco 100 range is installed.

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While the installation of security bollards for driveways is one of the best deterrents against potential theft, if you have a selection of vehicles that are collectively high value, there could be sufficient payback for an attempt to be made to override the security bollards. The Ramco 100 range of security bollards is manufactured to include an integrated, anti-pick, anti-drill lock and can withstand large impact forces. With a lift weight of approximately 8kg, the Ramco 100 is ideal for the heavier vehicle.

Heavy Duty Security Posts

The Ramco 100 Security post for driveways is a heavy-duty anti-ram telescopic bollard that can be fitted in both residential and commercial locations as an anti-theft device for your vehicles. It consists of a 100mm x 100mm steel post that is concreted into the ground to a depth of 850mm, making it one of the strongest security bollards available in the UK market. The bollards can be delivered with a highly polished zinc-plated finish for extra corrosion resistance.

When not in use, the bollard slides down into a steel sleeve that sits flush to the ground, protecting your vehicle against accidental damage.

When in use, the bollard reaches a height of 530mm above ground.

Applications and Installation

The Ramco 100 is a popular choice for many commercial applications, such as car showrooms, field entrances, and private car parks. As well as protecting these areas from potential car thefts, the security bollards can also be used as protection against unauthorised van and caravan entry into restricted areas.

Bison Products recommends that installation is carried out by an approved team who will advise you of the best combination and placing of the security bollards across your driveway, according to the vehicles that you need to protect and the dimensions of the space available. Once installed, your bollards can be keyed alike to multiple posts to avoid the need for a number of keys.

With 20 years of experience manufacturing and installing Ramco security bollards for driveways, Bison is considered one of the UK’s leading experts in helping homeowners and commercial organisations running fleets of vehicles install car theft deterrent security bollard solutions.


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