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3 x Ramco 100 Telescopic Bollard With Lid - Professionally Installed

Original price £1,255.47 - Original price £1,261.46
Original price
£1,255.47 - £1,261.46
Current price £1,258.46

3 Is A Magic Number!

Heavy Duty security with 3 professionally installed Ramco 100 Security Bollards featuring a cover lid.

Is your driveway entrance over 4.5 metres or do you have 3 cars, then take advantage of our special rate for a Trio of Heavy Duty Ramco 100's with Lid. 

This robust Anti-Ram telescopic vehicle theft deterrent is ideal for safeguarding both residential and commercial properties across the UK.

3 x Ramco 100 with Lid

When securely concreted into the ground, it provides exceptional protection and precise access control.

Our 100mm x 100mm square post, buried at an 850mm depth, stands as an imposing barrier, resisting substantial force.

Ramco posts boast full telescopic capabilities, retracting into the ground when inactive. The integrated Anti-Drill lock, conveniently positioned at the post's pinnacle, ensures swift and effortless securing.

Every Bison Products Security Bollard purchased including installation has an extended 2-year manufacturer's warranty, offering enhanced peace of mind.

The Boxed Lid design provides a sleek, concealed appearance when the post is lowered. Additionally, we supply 3 Keys and offer additional keys upon request. This fully telescopic security post seamlessly aligns with the ground when not in use, with an 850mm hole depth requirement below ground. When raised, it stands at a height of 540mm, akin to bumper height, further fortified by an internal locking bar and a retractable handle. The zinc-plated finish guarantees prolonged corrosion resistance, making it a lasting security solution. Crafted from 100 x 100 x 5mm box section, these security posts can be keyed alike for multiple posts, allowing for convenient access management. Simple manual locking involves pulling the post upright by hand.

The Ramco 100 boasts a manageable lift weight of approximately 10kg. For a lighter option, consider the Ramco 70 with a lift weight of 6kg or explore the Ramco 600 range, also with a lift weight of about 6kg.

With over 15 years of expertise in manufacturing Ramco security posts, Bison Products ensures their suitability for various residential and commercial settings.

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