Safety Rails


From outdoor to indoor steps and loft to cellar access, safety rails from Bison Products are ideal for navigating steps safely. Stair and loft safety rails provide you with an extra grab hold, minimising the likelihood of trips and falls. This is especially important for the environments in which these steps are usually situated, as hard flooring is commonplace. Ultimately, Bison Products can help you create the safe environment you’re after, regardless of the property or industry at hand.

Discover our range of safety rails below to see how you can transform your access points.


Each year there are around 100,000 accidents on stairs in leisure environments in the UK and several thousand more in the workplace. As a result, employing every method you can to ensure stair safety is essential. Handrails allow people to attain balance much easier and also provide them with something to grab onto if they stumble. Consequently, it goes without saying that simple rails have the ability to significantly reduce the number of accidents that occur on the stairs. We provide step rails in black and silver alike, allowing you to cater to your aesthetic preferences.


In addition to rails for steps, we also provide loft safety rails. Since lofts sit at the top of a property and you’re often required to use a ladder to access them, the process needs to be carefully navigated. Similarly, when you’re in a loft, all it takes is one wrong step to stumble into the floor below. As a result, loft safety rails provide you with a barrier to assist you in accessing the loft and preventing accidents from occurring. Working at a height must be very carefully administered, and having loft safety rails installed allows you to control the situation with ease.


Here at Bison Products, we make it our mission to maximise safety in all manner of environments. This includes on stairs and in lofts. We know the many threats posed by steps, ladders, and lofts, which is why we look to eliminate these potential dangers. With our industrial-strength products, you can rest assured that they’ll hold your weight in rescuing you from potential trips and falls.

Be sure to browse the Bison Products safety rail collection below and find the right products to optimise your property’s safety.