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Call us on 01283 215097 or email:

Security Bollard Installation

Ramco is synonymous with protection and security, and Bison Products is proud to be associated with bringing those values to UK homeowners with the Ramco range of security bollards for driveways.



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Car crime in the UK is rife, and in the UK, a car is stolen on average every 10 minutes. The rates are higher in urban areas, though the anxiety surrounding it is the same wherever you are in the UK.

Although you may feel that having your car parked on a driveway makes it more secure, there is also a school of thought among insurance companies that a car parked on a driveway is often more at risk of key theft than if it were parked in the street.

Whatever the whims of your insurance company, the installation of a security post on your driveway will act as a real deterrent for any potential passing thief. Meanwhile, it will give you peace of mind at night or if you go away on holiday, leaving your car parked up on your driveway.

Ramco at Bison Products

The Ramco range of security posts is available through Bison Products, which is there to best advise what combination of bollards will give you the best security for your driveway. Depending on the width of your driveway and the model of the car you own, Bison can install a line of bollards that will deter any attempts at car theft.

All security bollards are ‘anti-ram’, manufactured in steel and zinc coated for additional resistance to corrosion. These telescopic security posts sit in a steel sleeve under the ground when not in use, sitting flush with the top plate so they cannot damage your vehicle. When locked in place, most bollards stand about bumper height (there are variations in height) and house an internal locking bar for extra security.

Car Park Bollards

We’re not just about securing driveways; we also provide commercial security bollards for the likes of car parks. Whether you need a singular drive security post or multiple bollards across an entire car park, we’re here to supply and install.

The Installation of Bison Security Posts

Every Ramco security post comes with a two-year guarantee if installed by one of our experienced and professional fitters.

Give yourself peace of mind and protect your family’s vehicles with our range of great-value telescopic security bollards for driveways. We are always at the end of the phone if you would like to chat through your needs in more detail – 01283 215097.

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