Faithfull Water Pump Drill Attachment

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Faithfull Water Pump Drill Attachment, delivering 660 L/Hour!

When water collects in your Bollard the best way to drain it is to pump it out. 

Using this pump and a hose that fits into your bollard you can reduce the amount of water build up during the winter months. 

The Faithfull FAIWPUMP Water Pump Attachment is ingeniously designed for use with electric power drills and 1/2 inch hose pipes. This versatile Water Pump is ideal for sucking out water that isnt draining from your bollard. 

Key Features:

  • Garden-friendly performance
  • Caution: Not suitable for flammables
  • Must avoid running dry
  • Compatible with electric drills


  • Max. Priming Height: 10m
  • Max. Drill Speed: 3,400/min.
  • Dry Running Limit: 12 seconds
  • Maximum Capacity: 660 litres (145 gallons)
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