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Step Stools

Step Stools / Ladders are ideal to keep in the kitchen or shed, and are really designed for small jobs such as reaching on top of a cupboard. They are not a substitute for a larger ladder, and must not be overreached. However, they are perfect for home, office, or warehouse. We mainly stock Hailo step stools, but our stock is presently growing to include other manufacturers.

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  • Drabest Minifero Steps 2 Tread

    The Drabest Minifero MF-2 are good quality steps and excellent value for money. These are the 2 step verion, and ideal for kitches, and offices.(cont...)

  • Drabest Minifero Steps 3 Tread

    Drabest Minifero MF-3 Steps. A 3 treat step ladder ideal for use in the kitchen and office. Sturdy and well constructed(cont...)

  • Drabest Minifero Steps 4 Tread

    The Drabest Minifero MF-4 is the 4 step version, for better stability and a high reach in offices and kitchens.(cont...)


3 Item(s)

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