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Ladder Accessories

In addition to stocking some of the leading ladder accessories, we also produce our own made to high specification and with innovative safety features. Accessories are supplmentary to our ladder stock, but we always have a wide range in stock.
  • Roof Rack Ladder Clamps

    Roof Rack Ladder Clamps
    Universal Roof Rack ladder Clamps from just £17 a pair for cars or vans with square or aero roof bars. We also include padlocks.
  • Ladder Stays and Standoffs

    Ladder Stays and Standoffs
    Ladder standoffs allow the placing of your ladder so that the top of the ladder is some distance away from the wall
  • Roof Hooks

    Roof Hooks
    Ladder Roof Hooks are designed to fit over the top of the roof, to avoid slippage and aid safety whilst working on the roof.
  • Stabilisers

    Stabiliser feet attach to ladders and steps to avoid lateral slipping or falling.
  • Platforms

    Ladder Platforms increase the stability whilst standing on ladders, and also make it much more comfortable to stand on ladders for extended periods
  • Loft Grab Rails

    Loft Grab Rails
    Simple and effective, the loft grab rail ensures a higher degree of safety when exiting and entering the loft.
  • Loft Balustrades

    Loft Balustrades
    Loft Balustrades are similar to rails, but provide a full cage type surround to the top of the loft entrance.
  • Loft Storage Trays

    Loft Storage Trays
    Simple yet effective storage solutions for loft areas.