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100L Black Mucka Garden/Equestrian Wheelbarrow

100L Black Mucka Garden/Equestrian Wheelbarrow
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100L Black Mucka Garden/Equestrian Wheelbarrow
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The Black Mucker wheelbarrow with LARGE 100 Littre pan
The Black Mucker 100 litre wheelbarrow is for the fashionable gardener/horse owner who seeks to bring touch of style to the garden/stable.
With a loading capacity of 120 Kgs and liquid capacity of 100 litres it is more than capable of all your gardening/stable chores.
The large pneumatic wheel also means it can be used on the roughest of terrain.
The Black Mucker is part of our Mucker range of plastic wheelbarrows and its plastic tub makes if popular for equestrian use or use for other animal waste or bedding as the plastic tub on this wheelbarrow won't react to the toxins in the animal waste.
The heavy duty pan makes this wheelbarrow useful as a Garden maintenance wheelbarrow or a general purpose wheelbarrow or DIY wheelbarrow for all heavy jobs around the home, garden or stables.